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Skiing in South Tyrol

Experience the wonderful white snow in Racines in our 4 star hotels directly next to the ski slopes

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Do you enjoy the amazing moments the winter offers you in the Alps? Experience the sparkling winter-wonder-land in our valley Racines. Enjoy the elegance and fun of skiing in South Tyrol. Here in Racines skiing is way more than only a sport - it is a feeling and moments that render the winter with us perfect. Racines - Where old friends make new friends! Come into the winter world in South-Tyrol in our hotels in Racines. Our hotels not only satisfies its customers because of its location in the beautiful valley of Racines but also because it is so close to the skiing area Racines Giovo. Only a couple of minutes after the breakfast the ski fun can and will start! Enjoy our winter offer weeks! Skiing in the Alps: It is a very comfortable feeling to ride in the cosy and new-build cable car by the company Leitner and to try out the different ski-slopes. Our guests can choose between 8 different ski-lifts, 25 kilometers of slopes and 20 different ski-slopes. Convince yourself of the 8 great ski-lifts: Ratschings-Jaufen, Blosegg, Wasserfalleralm, Saxner, Enzian, Rinneralm, Kalcheralm and Abrahamwiese. The variety of 20 different ski-slopes: Blosegg, Rinneralm I and II, the connection Jaufen/Passo Giovo as well as the connection Giovo-Racines, Kalcherlm I, II and III, Enzian I and II, Wasserfalleralm, forest slope, Wasserfalleralm-Enzian, Saxner I and II and Abrahamwiese.

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Perfect skiing pleasure

with wonderful service in Racines

  • ski rental with rent and go Schölzhorn
  • ski-depot for skis, boots, ...
  • ski-school with head-instructor Luis Leitner
  • the children-ski-land
  • the funpark with wave-line, jib-line and kicker-line

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A special highlight for all of our guests in Racines are the lovely cottages in the skiing area as well as the Après-Ski-places – like the Tenne Club.

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Dream like holidays

in our ski hotel directly next to the skiing area Racines-Giovo

Skiing magic
in South Tyrol
Wonderful times
in the snow

Our best winter offers

Holiday in Racines - skipass and spa voucher included

A dream of sparkling winter landscapes. Book your winter holiday in Racines in South Tyrol. There is not more to do to start the pleasure of winter. Arrive in our cosy valley and breathe the fresh mountain air. Feel at home and at ease. The pictorial valley of Racines does not only convince with the skiing area Racines-Giovo, it also has wonderfully primed hiking trails in the winter. The valley in the Alps makes the dreams of winter lovers come true. The winter holidays in the Alps are completed with romantic and exiting hikes through the sparkling snow. Did you ever walk in the snow? Did the sun ever tickle your cheeks in the winter? Enjoy the fresh air of the winter in South Tyrol. Directly from our hotel right into the winter landscape. The possibilities are endless. One of them is the Racines valley trail: a very well primed winter hiking trail, which connects the end of the valley with the beginning. Start from the 4 star hotels inward the valley to Flading while enjoying the beautiful mountain scenery. Walk through snowy fields. Experience South Tyrol in the beautiful winter. The end of the valley surprises with picturesque mountains and the cute village Flading. A chapel, some barnyards and a guesthouse can be found there. Very few noises disturb the calmness of the valley. Get into the winter in Racines.  You can also walk to the beginning of the valley. Follow the hiking trail just below our the 4 star hotels in the direction of Jaufensteg. Along snowy fields, close to the stream in Racines. Let the atmosphere enchant you!

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Feel the magic

in the sparkly winterwonderland

A wonderful experience
in the middle of the beautiful snow
Enjoy the silence
and wonderful fresh air

Toboggan & cross country skiing in the Alps

Wonderful toboggan fun in Racines with the 10 km long toboggan run in the mountains

In short: tobogganing is fun. It is really fantastic, because just everyone can participate. You do not need special qualifications or training, it is a winter sport for young and older people and you can go tobogganing alone, in pairs or in large groups, it is always fun! In South Tyrol, tobogganing is a very popular sport and hardly another kind of winter sport has such a long tradition.

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Toboggan in South Tyrol

Lots of fun in the Alps

From the mountain station
to the valley
5 km
of true fun

The cross-country-skiing paradise in South Tyrol

in Racines and in the valley Ridanna

Feel the magic
of this wonderful sport
Enjoy a spectacular time
in the snow

Racines-Giovo is a paradise for practicing cross country skiing in the Alps! Here the best international cross-country skiers regularly train for their long season. The inviting Racines valley, the unique mountains, the guarantee to always find snow, make the valley a real paradise for cross-country skiers. Enjoy the view from the panorama cross-country slopes in the skiing area. Additionally, you can enjoy the slopes in the valley Racines or drive to the valley Ridanna which has a slope directly in the valley.

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