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Wellness and spa

The sauna area in the Guesthouse and the pleasure of spa in the 4 star hotels...

The perfect holiday is more than hiking or skiing and good food. There is more to it than beautiful holiday memories and relaxation. An elaborate spa program with relaxing sauna sessions. The guesthouse Rosenheim offers a Finnish sauna, a steam bath and a solarium. The sauna strengthens your immune system and gives new energies. After an exciting day in the mountains in Racines a little bit of time in the spa area is perfect for everyone. Feel at ease and enjoy yourself. This is the holiday in Racines. We also invite you to our water and spa world in the 4 star spa hotels. Both 4 star hotels, Berghotel and Wellness Sporthotel, are situated 250 mt in distance from the guesthouse.

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The water world in the 4 star hotel

the Wellness Sporthotel is situated 250 mt in distance

Indulge yourself
in the Wellness Sporthotel
A SPA area
that is waiting for you

Dive into the water world – both in summer and winter. In our guesthouse Rosenheim we offer a lovely Jacuzzi. Additionally we invite our guests to our 4 star hotels: the Berghotel and the Wellness-Sporthotel to use our water world. Both hotels are situated in a distance of 250mt. Cool off in our hotel pools and swim some laps or relax in a comfortable lounge chair and enjoy the calming view of the mountains. We have to offer even more. End your day enjoy our spa-program. Relax with a relaxing bath, a massage or a facial treatment. We are sure to find something suitable for you. Our staff will be happy to help.

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Sauna pleasure in the Alps

deep relaxation is waiting for you

Relax in the sauna
of the Wellnes-Sporthotel
You deserve
a wonderful holiday

In our guesthouse Rosenheim we have 2 saunas. Choose between a dry Finnish sauna and a steam bath. Afterwards the Jacuzzi awaits you... Additionally, we invite you to use our sauna- and Spa-world in our Berghotel and Wellness-Sporthotel. Enjoy the 4 star spa hotel pleasure in our SPA-hotels in the Alps. Both hotels are 250 mt in distance. Purify your body and strengthen your immune system with a session in the sauna. You can choose among Herbal sauna, Finnish sauna and steam bath. Visit our special outdoor sauna. Not only does the sauna greatly improve your mental well-being, but it also has a positive effect on the skin. It strengthens the body against colds of any kind. Also, as commonly known, the sauna has also very positive effects on the nervous system and blood circulation. Every visit to the sauna has a purifying effect and it detoxifies the body. Additionally the sauna stimulates the skins cell production.

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Massages and beauty treatments

forget the daily stress

Spa treatments
in the 4 star hotel
Feel rejuvenated
and enjoy yourself!

The more we care for ourselves the more radiant we look. During your holiday we want to give you new strength and vitality that is noticeable from outside. The professional staff in our Berghotel and in our Wellness-Sporthotel will take care of you and advise you with the beauty treatments best suited for your body. Experience the invigorating effect of our Ayurveda treatments. Enjoy the appearance of your rejuvenated and fresh skin. Awaken your senses with our cosmetics from Gertraud Gruber and relax while taking a rejuvenating bath. We also offer "classic" treatments, a whim to indulge during the holidays: manicure, pedicure, facial and décolleté treatments.
Check out the spa program in our Berghotel and in our Wellness-Sporthotel. Both four star hotels are situated 250 mt from our guesthouse. Let us help you reaching a new balance between body and mind. 
Your surroundings will perceive the new You!

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Unique holiday pleasure in Racines

feel at home in the South Tyrolean Alps