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Adults Only

Recharge your batteries in the Alps

Long planned and then opened in the fall of 2022: Our new Adults Only area with an outdoor pool and an indoor pool. The outdoor pool is over 12 meters long and overlooks the valley slope. A pleasure that is unparalleled. It is also particularly pleasant to relax in the 16-meter indoor pool. Beautiful wooden panelling creates an alpine feeling. If you can't get away from the stress of everyday life, only a visit to the bar can help you after the wellness ;) We look forward to seeing you in the new Wellness-Sporthotel Adults Only area!

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Relaxing pleasure

in our new adults only area...

True luxury
in the Alps
Even more wellness
Our new pools: outdoor and indoor pool (adults only)

Our new adults-only area

two pools and a gym

  • indoor pool 16m x 4.5m
  • outdoor pool 12.5 x 5m
  • Fitness room with treadmills, stepper, racing bikes, rowing machine
  • 2 benches, lower back benches, chestpress, dual leg curl
  • multipower equipment for strength training
  • Yoga room for relaxation

Perfect for working out

Everything the heart and muscles desire...

Cardio equipment
for real sweating
Lots of training
to build muscle

Wonderful relaxation in Racines

feel totally at ease in the 4 star spa hotel in South Tyrol

Wellness & spa
deep pleasure
Sauna & pleasure
feel the comforting warmth
Water & freshness
according to Johann Grander