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Wellness, SPA & beauty

Feel at ease after a wonderful treatment...

Arrive in our 4 star spa hotel and you will feel good and comfortable. We will pamper and spoil you from head to toe. Enjoy unforgettable moments in our Spa-area. Dive into a world of pleasure - try our swimming pool. Experience the beneficial effects of our sauna - choose between dry saunas and a steam bath. If the sauna is too hot - indulge yourself with some time in our Infrared-cabin. You will love it. Relax and feel at ease. You will not need more. Additionally, our professional staff will show you deep relaxation with our massages and beauty treatments. Our Spa oasis offers relaxation that will accompany you for a long time once you are back home. Recharge with new energy.

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Deep relaxation

immerse yourself in our spa oasis

Mountain water
enjoy a fresh time
New energy
after a relaxing time in the sauna

Swimming pool in the Alps

Languorous immersion in Racines

Dive into the water world – both in summer and winter.

 Cool off in our hotel pool and swim some laps or relax in a comfortable lounge chair and enjoy the calming view of the mountains. We have to offer even more. A dip in the Jacuzzi offers relaxation to our guests looking for rest. Who once enjoyed a soothing bath in our Jacuzzi does not want to leave anymore.

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All the advantages

of relaxing times in the alps

  • the water feels delicate and velvety
  • the muscles will relax
  • the skin doesn't dry out easily
  • a fresh and relaxing feeling will evolve

A wonderful time in our sauna area

Enjoy comforting warmth in the South Tyrolean Alps

Purify your body and strengthen your immune system with a session in the sauna. You can choose between a Herbal sauna, a Finnish sauna and Turkish bath. You may also visit our special outdoor sauna as well. 

The sauna does not only greatly improve your mental well-being but it also has a positive effect on the skin and it strengthens the body against colds of any kind.

 Also, as commonly known, the sauna has a very positive effects on the nervous system and blood circulation. Every session in the sauna has a purifying effect, because it detoxifies the body. Additionally the sauna stimulates the skin cell production. Enjoy your time and feel at ease!

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The pleasure of the sauna

Unique relaxation guaranteed in our Berghotel Racines

Comforting relaxation
in our wooden resting areas
Wonderful warmth
in our sauna area

The more we care for ourselves the more radiant we become physically and expressively. We want your holiday with us, not only to make you feel a new strength and vitality, but also to notice that from the outside. Our professional staff will take care of you and advise you of the beauty treatments best suited to your body. Experience the invigorating effect of our Ayurveda treatments. Enjoy the appearance of your skin rejuvenated and fresh. Awaken your senses with our cosmetics from Gertraud Gruber and relax while taking a rejuvenating bath. Total relaxation is guaranteed: Of course, we also offer "classical" treatments, a whim to indulge during the holidays: manicure, pedicure, facial and décolleté. Did you check out our new treatments? We have different specials that focus on the back and do wonders for sore muscles. A wonderful experience are our new couples treatments: enjoy yourselves with pure relaxation – with a loved one. Experience a new way of life!

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Beauty packages

Indulge for a couple of days

Intensive back package
  • anti stress treatment for the back
  • Berghotels special back treatment
  • treatment for the healthy back

3 days

186 Euros
Berghotel Deluxe
  • Berghotels special back treatment
  • manicure or pedicure
93 Euros
Relaxing package for her/him
  • small facial treatment
  • an hour of relaxation
132 Euros
Time for me
  • skin treatment
  • big facial treatment
  • aromatic oil massage
210 Euros

Treatments for couples

Enjoy a romantic time

Time together

Enjoy this treatment for couples with your special someone! This wonderful experience starts with a fragrant steam bath, afterwards you will be pampered on a heated stone bed. Enjoy a lather peeling. Then follows a delicate bath in the Jacuzzi tub. A scented body oil will be massaged into your skin accordingly. The perfect final moments are ensured with a glass of Prosecco and chocolates.

110 minutes
165 Euros
Alpine calmness

Experience this treatment for couples that starts with a fragrant steam bath. A lather peeling on our heated stone bed follows. Wonderful is the massage with oils afterwards (about 40 minutes).
 Later, a warm cushion of cherry stones will be applied on the back. Enjoy the relaxation with a glass of Prosecco and a sweet fruit skewer afterwards!

115 minutes
195 Euros

Relaxing baths

wonderful relaxation in the tub

Fossil oil bath

The fossil oil bath is perfect when you have pain in your loco-motor system like sore muscles, muscle pain, ankle pain, gout, rheumatism or tensions. It is also wonderful after doing sports. It enhances the well being and the blood circulation.

25 minutes
49 Euros
Evening primrose oil bath

This bath is highly nutritious with evening primrose oil. It is perfect for dry skin and it makes the skin really smooth.

25 minutes
49 Euros
Ocean salt bath with herbs

This wonderful bath contains ocean salts and it is very relaxing. It detoxifies and activates the immune system as well as the metabolism. Additionally you can choose between different dried herbs (corn flowers, rose, melissa). Enjoy the wonderful effect for soul and mind.

25 minutes
49 Euros

Facial treatments according to Gertraud Gruber

Precious natural products with special methods

High quality natural products with herbs, organic oils, vitamins and minerals are the basis of the Gertraud Gruber cosmetic line for more than 50 years. The comprehensive product line contains special products for every type of skin and age. The products can be combined individually and they will reach optimum results. Flee from everyday-life and experience the wonderful effect of the Gertraud Gruber treatment methods. Enjoy a harmonic and rejuvenated skin. Deep pleasure for your skin and soul. Let us spoil you with Gertraud Gruber cosmetics in South Tyrol!

Small facial, neck and décolleté treatment

Cleansing - peeling - deep cleansing - shaping of eye brows - wrap according to skin type or massage - final cleansing

50 minutes
74 Euros
Maxi facial, neck and décolleté treatment

Cleansing - peeling - deep cleansing - shaping of eye brows - wrap according to skin type - massage - final cleansing

80 minutes
84 Euros
Classical Gertraud Gruber treatment

Cleansing - peeling - deep cleansing - shaping of eye brows - ampoule - massage - wrap according to skin type - final cleansing

Intensive cleansing and nurturing is individually adjusted to your needs. The cosmetician will mix the ingredients freshly for you right on the spot. Your skin will sparkle...

80 minutes
96 Euros
Symphony premium treatment

(40 years +) The natural cosmetic products contain wonderful active ingredients and are a highlight in beauty care. In the centre of the luxurious treatment for face, neck and décolleté is the new tension-line massage with cell stimulation Isoflavon concentrate. The push-up treatment with a completely new and regenerating mask will have a wonderful effect on your skin. The treatment smooths wrinkles and lets the skin look young and beautiful. For the intensive care of the décolleté the skin will be tightened with an Argan oil mask (the yellow gold of Morocco). The premium symphony treatment was created especially for mature and dry skin with wrinkles and sun-damages. Additionally the treatment helps against Couperose.

110 minutes
139 Euros
Men XO for the guys

Cleansing - peeling - deep cleansing - ampule - massage - wrap - final cleansing (with the fragrance Acqua di Giò).

„Everything but ordinary“- the facial treatment for the modern man

75 minutes
94 Euros

Extra treatments

Your beauty is central to us

For your hands and feet
  • manicure: 42 Euro
  • manicure with nail polish: 48 Euro
  • pedicure: 48 Euro
  • pedicure with nail polish: 56 Euro
  • polish: 18 Euro
Eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Dying of eyelashes: 25 Euro
  • Dying of eyebrows: 20 Euro
  • Dying of eyebrows and eyelashes: 40 Euro
  • Shaping of eyebrows: 20-28 Euro
Make-up for a radiant look
  • for the day: 35 Euro
  • for the evening: 40 Euro
Depilation with warm wax
  • lower leg: 32 Euro
  • whole leg: 42 Euro
  • Brazilian: 22 Euro
  • arm pits: 18 Euro
  • upper lip or chin: 15 Euro
  • back or chest: 28 Euro

For a natural, intense look, the natural lashes are tinted and curled using a special method. Lasts 6-8 weeks.

50 minutes
79 Euros

Special massages & body treatments

Let us spoil you with very special moments

Alpine Balance

We start with a salt peel to prepare the skin. This is followed by lymphatic stimulation of the entire body using goat hair brushes. The treatment is rounded off with a nourishing body wrap. We bring body and skin back into balance with Alpine Balance.

80 minutes
98 Euros
Berghotels special treatment for the back

We begin this special treatment with a hot roll regarding the method of Sebastian Kneipp. This back massage is applied with an emulsion of herbs from the Alps (with arnica, melissa and cedar). After 20 minutes of back massage a skin oil will be applied to the back. It activates the skin, releases tensions and works wonders for sore muscles.

25 minutes
55 Euros
Reflex zone massage

This is a very soft massage of the reflex zones, that reflect different parts of the body and organism. Tensions and blockages will be removed, the blood circulation will be enhanced and the organs will regenerate more easily. This massage has a very positive and stimulating effect on the body.

25 minutes
49 Euros
Massage Mix

This massage contains a classic back massage and a feet-zones-massage.

50 minutes
82 Euros
An hour of full relaxation

This is a relaxing full body massage with special St John's wort oil, that is anti-inflammatory. It also increases the blood flow and is wonderful to release muscle tensions. At the end of the treatment a warm hay cushion will be applied to the shoulder-neck part. Deep relaxation is guaranteed.

50 minutes
82 Euros
Massage with aromatic oils and warm wrap

This is a relaxing massage, where aromatic oils are used. The skin will be cared for and nurtured pleasantly. Afterwards a warm wrap will be applied on the back with a very relaxing effect on the whole organism.

50 minutes
82 Euros
Swiss stone pine massage

Feel nature directly on your body.

The special wooden bars out of Swiss stone pine turn this massage into a unique experience. The special massage technique relaxes the muscles. The energy of the tree supports the respiratory and the immune system. This massage feels like a walk through the forest in Racines.

50 minutes
82 Euros
Bio-release head massage

This is a very soft and dry head, face and neck massage according the method of Gertraud Gruber. This soft massage guarantees perfect relaxation, it harmonises the blood circulation of the skin, balances the energies in the body, effects the nervous system positively and makes head aches disappear. Our recommendation: combine the massage with a facial treatment or a facial wrap.

25 minutes
49 Euros
Healthy back

The mudpack, also known as the "black gold" with essential rosemary oil relaxes the muscles - in combination with a intensive head-neck-back massage: muscle tensions will be released, you'll be released of head aches and the massage will help to relax the musculoskeletal system.

50 minutes
82 Euros
Anti-stress back program

At the beginning of the treatment you will relax with a Tyrolean fossil oil bath to prepare the muscles for the massage. Afterwards the massage will help a deep regeneration of the muscle tissue. After the massage a cream with arnica an St John's wort will be applied to ease all remaining tensions.

50 minutes
82 Euros

Traditional massages

Pleasure, tradition and relaxation

Full-body massage

This relaxing full body massage is done with warm almond oil. Your whole body will relax and you will feel regenerated as well.

50 minutes
74 Euros
Leg massage

This classic massage focusing on the legs releases tensions in the muscles.

20 minutes
46 Euros
Back massage

This highly relaxing massage for the neck and shoulder part is very recommendable for muscle tensions on the back.

20 minutes
46 Euros
Partial massage (legs and back)

This is a very relaxing massage that includes the back part of the legs, the back and the shoulder. It releases tensions in the muscles. At the end of the massage a refreshing skin tonic with camphor and menthol will be applied on the skin.

25 minutes
49 Euros
Facial massage

This is a classic facial massage, that will do wonders for your skin.

20 minutes
46 Euros
Children massage

This is a very soft full body massage which ensures calm relaxation for our small guests.

20 minutes
45 Euros

Massages with draining effect

especially purifying techniqes are waiting for you

Full-body massage with draining effect

The lymphatic system plays a very important role in our immune system, because it protects the body from slags, toxins and infections. This soft and light massage technique activates the lymphatic system, detoxifies and purifies the body.

50 minutes
82 Euros
Leg massage with draining effect

It is recommended to help against fluid accumulations in the tissue and lymph accumulations in the legs. It is also very good after knee operations when the legs are swollen.

45 minutes
74 Euros


Beauty for face and body

Ayurveda, the Indian science of long life sees the human being as unity of body, spirit and soul. The most important goal is to activate the body's self-healing forces and to balance the bodily and psychological functions. Harmony and balance of all the powers that live in the body are the foundation of a long and fulfilled life. The skin reflects the soul in a very important way. The "Ayurasan" method, Gertraud Gruber developed, relaxes you and the skin will become smooth and tender.

Ayurasan - Body (full-body oil massage)

The Ayurasan-full-body massage harmonises the energies in your body, it removes slags and activates the lymphatic system. In an evenly rhythm the body will be massaged with special movements and wonderful warm oil. This massage will be an unforgettable experience.

75 minutes
102 Euros

head, neck and face massage

Close your eyes - leave your every-day life behind you and free your thoughts. Come to the sources of life. Feel how the energy balances your spirit. When you feel the balance it will also be seen from outside. The Ayurasan treatment for head, face and décolleté starts with a warm oil on the forehead. Soft pressure will stimulate the Marma points between forehead and décolleté. This massage is one of the most beautiful treatments in Ayurveda. Additionally to the rejuvenating and beautifying effect the massage influences the soul. The head and neck massage relieves stress, removes emotional blockages and creates a feeling of calmness and relaxation.


75 minutes
92 Euros
Full body peeling

For beautiful skin

With this full-body peeling dead skin cells will be removed. Afterwards the skin will be silky, smooth and soft. The following body lotion will be absorbed more easily. We recommend: Enjoy a relaxing massage with aromatic oils, that softens the skin even more.


45 minutes
64 Euros

Unique spa pleasure

combines a pool, sauna and beauty treatments