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Wellness, SPA & beauty treatments

Feel the unique recreation...

In the calmness lies the power... just lay back and savour our wellness service. With high quality products and a lot of true intuition we let you forget your daily stress... The 4 star Wellness-Sporthotel offers an extraordinary spa-experience. The hotel is situated in the middle of a beautiful mountain scenery - providing natural power and energy. Relax inside our pool and enjoy exquisite moments in our lounge chairs. Experience our sauna area with a Finnish sauna, steam bath and a mild herbal sauna. Cool down with our ice fountain and relax in our lounge area. Special moments can be enjoyed in our infrared-cabin. Our spa Oasis offers relaxing hours which will accompany you for a long time. Enjoy, relax and recharge with new energy. Our world-class spa specialists will give treat you to a massage, beauty treatments, spa and wellness with a wonderful time.

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Relaxing pleasure

in our 4 star spa hotel in Racines

The pool in the Wellness Sporthotel

refreshing after a wonderful day in the mountains

Dive into the water world – during summer and winter. Cool off in our hotel pool and swim some laps or relax in a comfortable lounge chair and enjoy the calming view of the mountains. A dip in the hot tub offers relax to our guests looking for rest. Who once enjoyed a soothing bath in our Jacuzzi does not want to leave anymore. Water is not just water. Our swimming pools and the Jacuzzi are filled with <strong>Grander water</strong>. It is enlivened water, which has a highly relaxing and recreating effect on people. Johann Grander explored the possibility to revive water with a combination of magnets and generators. He knew he was on the right track when his cat refused to drink not enlivened water. With many experiments he was able to proof, that contaminated water can be enlivened with a special procedure. The structure of water can be improved and it creates a healthy environment for important micro-organisms. Grander water is very imperishable and resistant against external effects. Humans, animals and plants profit from its regenerating value. Grander water in our pool
: the water feels delicate and velvety, the muscles will relax
, there is no burning in the eyes because there is less chlorine
 in the water, the skin doesn't dry out easily
. Enjoy the <strong>fresh and relaxing feeling after a swim.

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For the water lovers

Pleasure in the 4 star SPA hotel

The world of water in Racines
wonderful freshness

Sauna in Racines

Wonderful relaxation in the South Tyrolean mountains

Just arrived, you will dive into a world of pleasure and spa-oasis... Strengthen your immune system and purify your body in our 4 star spa hotel - sauna is the best way for that! For centuries people have enjoyed the pleasures and benefits of saunas all over the world. Not only does the sauna greatly improve your mental well-being. It also has a positive effect on the skin and strengthens the body against colds of any kind. Also, as commonly known, the sauna has also very positive effects on the nervous system and blood circulation. Evenings in the sauna will boost your immune system and improve your health. In our Wellness-Sporthotel you can choose between a herbal sauna, a Finnish sauna and a steam-bath. Afterwards you can dive into the water and relax.

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Enjoy and relax

in our sauna area in the spa hotel in the Alps

The more we care for ourselves the more radiant we become physically and expressively. We want you to feel new strength and vitality that will be noticed from the outside. Our professional staff will take care of you and advise you with the beauty treatments best suited for your body. Experience the invigorating effect of our Ayurveda treatments. Enjoy the appearance of your skin rejuvenated and fresh. Awaken your senses with our cosmetics by Gertraud Gruber and relax while taking a relaxing bath. Of course, we also offer "classic" treatments, a whim to indulge during the holidays: manicure, pedicure, facial and décolleté. After reaching a balance between body and mind, even your surroundings will perceive the benefit of your treatments. Choose your favourite treatments! 
Of course you can plan your appointments from home! Just call us: Telephone +39 0472 659500 or send us an e-mail!

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Beauty packages

Dreamlike beauty pleasure in Racines

Enjoy a wonderful relaxing holiday in our Wellness-Sporthotel Racines with the beauty package of your choice...

Beauty day for the lady
  • 1 full body peeling of your choice (25 min)
  • 1 individually balanced body wrap
  • 1 partial massage
  • 1 big facial treatment with special wrap
  • 1 manicure with hand massage and nail polish
190 Euros
Beauty day for the gentlemen
  • 1 individual balanced body wrap
  • 1 full body massage
  • 1 Men XO power treatment
  • 1 pedicure with bath and foot massage
175 Euros
Wellness Sporthotel package
  • 1 full body peeling of your choice (25 min)
  • 1 fango wrap
  • 1 full body massage
  • 1 bath of your choice
  • 1 back massage
  • 1 big classic massage
230 Euros
Relaxing package
  • 1 full body peeling of your choice (25 min)
  • 1 evening primrose oil wrap
  • 1 partial massage
95 Euros
Small purifying package
  • 1 salt peeling
  • 1 algae wrap
  • 1 foot reflexology
95 Euros

Facial treatments according to Gertraud Gruber

Natural cosmetics with tradition in our spa hotel

The cosmetics by Gertraud Gruber are based on natural products for more than 50 years now. Part of those natural products are herbs, virgin organic oils, vitamins and minerals. The cosmetic products will be harmonised individually and can be combined in many different ways. Our staff will show you how to achieve wonderful care for your skin. The face care by Gertraud Gruber is extreme pleasure for body and soul.

Small facial treatment

Includes cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, shaping of eye brows, massage or mask and final cleansing.

55 minutes
58 Euros
Large facial treatment

It includes cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, shaping of eye brows, ampoule, package, individual massage and final cleansing. Additionally you can choose between a special package for your hands or your feet.

85 minutes
69 Euros
Large facial treatment with wrap

It includes cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, shaping of eye brows, ampoule, package, individual massage and final cleansing. Additionally you can choose between a special wrap for your hands or your feet.

85 minutes
76 Euros
Premium Symphony treatment

The Premium Symphony treatment is a very extensive treatment for mature, dry and sun damaged skin. It also avoids wrinkles and helps against couperose. Additionally the extraordinary treatment includes a special tension-line massage.

110 minutes
110 Euros
Men-XO power treatment

Includes cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, shaping of eye brows, special scalp and neck massage for men, mask and deep cleansing.

75 minutes
74 Euros
BIOMIMED Business treatment

The second-skin-concept: cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, shaping of eye brows, ampoule, Biorelease head massage, BIOMIMED® mask and final cleansing. Our skin tends to be out of balance due to countless influences resulting in the loss of the skin's natural moisture which makes the skin age faster. In order to give the skin back what it needs, the BIOMIMED® Dermo System was developed – especially for sensible and impure skin. 

85 minutes
88 Euros
Exquisite eye treatment

This is an intensive treatment for the area around the eyes, which activates the lymphatic system, regenerates the skin around the eyes and relaxes it. The treatment includes a cleansing, a special massage, an eye ampoule, a special package for the eyes and an individual emulsion.

25 minutes
38 Euros

Special care

Feel beautiful and reborn

Care for hands and feet
  • manicure: 35 Euro
  • manicure with nail polish: 39 Euro
  • manicure with permanent nail polish: 45 Euro
  • paraffin bath with peeling for the hands: 28 Euro
  • manicure with paraffin bath: 60 Euro
  • pedicure: 38 Euro
  • pedicure with nail polish: 42 Euro
  • pedicure with permanent nail polish: 48 Euro
  • only nail polish: 12 Euro


Extras for the eyes
  • Dye eyebrows: 10 Euro
  • Dye eyelashes: 15 Euro
  • Dye eyebrows and lashes: 20 Euro
  • Shape eyebrows: 12 Euro
Make-up for a beautiful time
  • Make-up for the day: 20 Euro
  • Make-up for the night: 25 Euro
Depilation with wax

    •    lower leg: 28 Euro
    •    whole leg: 38 Euro
    •    Brazilian: 18 Euro
    •    armpits: 12 Euro
    •    upper lip or chin: 10 Euro
    •    back or chest: 20 Euro

Body sugaring

The new epilation method

  • lower leg: 30 Euro
  • whole leg: 40 Euro
  • Brazilian partial: 15 Euro
  • Brazilian complete: 25 Euro
  • armpits: 15 Euro
  • upper lip or chin: 12 Euro
  • face: 25 Euro
  • breasts: 20 to 30 Euro
  • back: 15 to 30 Euro
  • whole body: 90 Euro
Solarium coins

1 coin: 8 Euro

6 coins: 40 Euro

Body treatments

Feel true pleasure

Body peeling with lotion

The peeling activates the blood circulation and cleans the skin deeply. Additionally it makes the skin more absorbing and guarantees a silky feeling. Choose between the following peelings in our Spa-hotel in the Alps:
Aloe Vera Peeling: Enjoy the healing effect of the Aloe Vera plant, that spoils the skin with minerals, vitamins and amino acids.
Salt peeling: An exciting experience - feel the regenerative effect of salt crystals.
Walnut peeling: Dead skin cells and impurities will be scrubbed softly.

A peeling can be combined wonderfully with a body wrap. The price amounts to 65 Euro (50 minutes).

25 minutes
35 Euros
Algae body wrap

This purging body wrap boosts the metabolism and acts highly tightening with cellulite.

25 minutes
38 Euros
Primrose oil body wrap

This body wrap has a highly caring effect. We recommend it especially with very dry and sensitive skin, as well as irritation of the skin, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.

25 minutes
38 Euros
Fango body wrap

This warming treatment activates the immune system, assists blood circulation and relieves pain; especially with joint pain.

25 minutes
38 Euros
Hay bath

An invigorating body wrap in the hay. Exquisite herbs from alpine South Tyrolean mountain pastures foster the blood circulation, relieve tensions, relax the airways - especially with muscle and joint pain.

25 minutes
38 Euros
Alpine Balance for the body

This wonderful body treatment starts off with a wonderful stimulation of the lymph nodes - on the whole body, which activates the metabolism of the skin. This treatment is a perfect relief from daily stress and it calms the nervous system. This beauty treatment balances body and skin.

80 minutes
84 Euros
Back cleansing

Perfect treatment against impurities. Cleansing, peeling, deep cleansing, tonic, wrap, final cleansing.

45 minutes
45 Euros

Relaxing bath in the J-Sha bath-tub

Wonderful relaxing moments

Salt bath

The highly enriched mineral salt contains trace elements and acts detoxifying, purifying and tightening. It is wonderful for impure skin or cellulite.

25 minutes
34 Euros
Honey and milk bath

This bath is enriched with plant oils and cares wonderfully for dry skin. The combination of honey and milk guarantees a moisturizing effect on the skin and a great smell.

25 minutes
34 Euros
Relaxing herb bath

according to Art of Care

A dreamlike composition of lavender, St John's wort, melissa leaves and orange blossoms combined with highly precious oils is waiting for you. True rest and relaxation are guaranteed.

25 minutes
34 Euros
Vitalising herb bath

The invigorating powers of rosemary, thyme and eucalyptus lend this herb bath very special and uniquely vitalising properties. The bath will relief stress and offer new energies.

25 minutes
34 Euros
Bath which fights off colds

This wonderful bath combines thyme with eucalyptus and affects the respiratory system as well as preventing the common cold...

25 minutes
34 Euros

Classic massages

Relaxation is waiting for you...

Full-body massage

This is a classic full-body massage. The muscles will be relieved and the blood circulation will be activated. Your well-being will be highly enhanced.

50 minutes
58 Euros
Back massage

This is a classic massage on the muscles in the back, neck and shoulders. It relieves pain and tensions in the muscles.

20 minutes
36 Euros
Massage for skiers and hikers

We begin this special treatment with a hot roll regarding the method of Sebastian Kneipp. This back massage is applied with an emulsion of herbs from the Alps (with arnica, melissa and cedar). After 20 minutes of back massage a skin tonic including camphor, menthol and rosemary - will be applied to the back. It activates the skin, releases tensions and works wonders for sore muscles.

25 minutes
42 Euros
50 minutes
64 Euros
Partial body massage

This is a classic massage on back and legs. Tensions in the muscles will be relieved and the blood circulation will be activated.

25 minutes
38 Euros
Feet and leg massage

This is a classic massage for the muscles in feet and legs. It acts rejuvenating for tired legs.

20 minutes
36 Euros

Special massages

Unique relaxation in the South Tyrolean Alps

Massage Sporthotel

This is a very relaxing full-body massage with special oils. Afterwards a refreshing and pleasant warm wrap will be applied on the back. Deep relaxation is guaranteed.

50 minutes
62 Euros
Hot stone massage

This massage is a very pleasant ritual of relaxation. Through the wonderful warmth of the basalt stones the chakras will be opened. Spirit and soul will be freed from negative influences and new energy will flow through the body.

50 minutes
64 Euros
Massage for managers

This is a full-body massage with hot stones - a highly regenerating massage. Blockages will be removed and the blood circulation in the muscles will be enhanced. The massage also helps to relieve stress and empowers you for every day life.

50 minutes
62 Euros
Mix massage

This massage is a combination between a classic back massage and a foot reflexology.

50 minutes
62 Euros
Traditional back massage

This massage is a very comprehensive and deep treatment with a warm wrap and stretches around the shoulders. The traditional cupping technique will be included in the massage.

50 minutes
62 Euros
Ayurasan Body (Abhyanga)

This is an Ayurveda massage according the guidelines of Gertraud Gruber. The massage relaxes body and soil and it harmonizes the three doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). The high quality sun flower oil is purifying and detoxifying. After the warm oil with a hot compress of oranges a softening and kind body emulsion will be applied to the body.

75 minutes
82 Euros
Full-body massage with draining effect

With slight, pumping movements that enhance water accumulations in the tissue. This massage detoxifies and purifies.

50 minutes
62 Euros
Leg massage with draining effect

This massage helps with heavy and swollen legs. It detoxifies and relieves the swelling.

25 minutes
38 Euros
Foot reflexology

There exist points on the feet zones which reflect different organs and bodily functions. The massage uses a technique to work on these zones to activate or relax.

25 minutes
38 Euros
Massage for children

A very skin-friendly oil is used with this massage. It is a very soft and nice full-body massage.

20 minutes
32 Euros
Swiss stone pine massage

The special wooden bars out of Swiss stone pine makes this massage into a unique experience. The special massage technique relaxes the muscles. The energy of the tree supports the respiratory and the immune system. This massage feels like a walk through the forest in Racines.

50 minutes
64 Euros
Massage with herb pouches

Soft massage movements supported by the herb pouches have a wonderful nurturing effect on the skin. The combination of natural herbs helps the soul to relax and find its balance.

50 minutes
64 Euros

Head and face massage

Dreamlike relaxation starts at the top

Ayurasan face and head

This treatment for head, face and décolleté starts with a very warm oil casting on the forehead. Afterwards the marma points between the forehead and the décolleté will be stimulated. This massage is one of the most beautiful treatments in the ancient tradition of Ayurveda. It acts rejuvenating and beautifying. Additionally it has a wonderful effect on the soul.

75 minutes
74 Euros
Classic face massage

This massage will be individually applied to the needs of your skin. It can be relaxing or activating.

20 minutes
36 Euros
Facial massage with draining effects

This special massage relieves lacrimal sacks and swollen eyes. It supports the treatment of impurities of the skin.

25 minutes
38 Euros
Biorelease head massage

This is a very soft and dry head, facial and neck massage according the method of Gertraud Gruber. It will relieve tensions and remove blockages. A wonderful relaxing experience for body and mind.

25 minutes
38 Euros

Wonderful relaxation in Racines

feel totally at ease in the 4 star spa hotel in South Tyrol

Wellness & spa
deep pleasure
Sauna & pleasure
feel the comforting warmth
Water & freshness
according to Johann Grander