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Mountain bike holiday in Racines

Explore the mountains in a very special way - on two wheels...

South Tyrol is not only an oasis for hikers and outdoor fans who love to climb but also a paradise for mountain bikers. South Tyrol offers a wide range of bike trails and paths. Now it is possible to ride your bike along the old but newly renovated Brennero train trail. There is now an extended bike trail that connects Brennero with Salurn. Bike trails can also be found in the different side valleys. High mountains and peaks with a spectacular mountain scenery await the sportive mountain biker. Ride through fresh forests, along green fields and enjoy the sunny days on your bicycle. What does await you in our hotels with mountain biking in Racines? We have a range of new mountain bikes that we lend to our guest for free. You are welcome to bring your own bike that you can store in our basement. Five times a year we offer our mountain bike weeks: 7 days of half board including 5 guided mountain bike tours with our guide. Additionally, we provide tips for our guests that contain lots of bike tours of different difficulties that start right in front of the hotel. There are tours in the near surroundings of Racines: Panoramatour in our valley Racines: The tour starts at the hotel and goes into the valley (direction of Flading/Valletina) until the Pulvererhof, where a trail takes you up the mountain (a bike sign helps you find the way). After the trail you need to push your bike just to cross one trail and then it goes up the ski slope. After a while you will reach the mountain cottage "Wasserfalleralm". A pathway brings you up to another mountain cottage - the "Kalcheralm". You can return to the hotel on the trail Nr. 13 or on the same path. Mountain pasture "Aglsboden" in Ridanna: This trail takes you into the other direction. You ride to Pardaun and then to Mareta where the tour starts to get into a steeper paste - ride into the valley of Ridanna until the end: Maiern. There you will cross the small river and a nice trail brings you to the mountain pasture "Aglsboden". On your way you can visit the flume "Burkhard" (not accessible with your bike). The tour including the way back is 30 km long.

Mountain bike holiday in Racines

explore the mountains from a new side

Perfect offer for bike lovers

Explore the mountains with our mountain bike guides

Mountain bike weeks
from 7 nights with Half board
7 nights of half board: May, June, July, August and September: Experience South Tyrolean on the mountain bike in - you will love it!
South Tyrol is a province you can easily get to know on the bike. Our offer "Mountain bike weeks" will show you our part of the Alps in a very special way. Our mountain bike guide will lead the way to mountains in our valley Racines and its surroundings. Experience Racines in South Tyrol: Arrive, breathe the fresh air, look around, enjoy yourself and a wonderful holiday in the Alps may start. We will show you South Tyrol from another side - by mountain bike. Along mountains with unique panoramas and through paths in the forests.