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Pool in the Wellness Sporthotel

Refreshments after a wonderful day in the mountains

Dive into the water world – during summer and winter. Cool off in our hotel pool and swim some laps or relax in a comfortable lounge chair and enjoy the calming view of the mountains. A dip in the hot tub offers relax to our guests looking for rest. Who once enjoyed a soothing bath in our Jacuzzi does not want to leave anymore. Water is not just water. Our swimming pools and the Jacuzzi are filled with Grander water. It is enlivened water, which has a highly relaxing and recreating effect on people. Johann Grander explored the possibility to revive water with a combination of magnets and generators. He knew he was on the right track when his cat refused to drink not enlivened water. With many experiments he was able to proof, that contaminated water can be enlivened with a special procedure. The structure of water can be improved and it creates a healthy environment for important micro-organisms. Grander water is very imperishable and resistant against external effects. Humans, animals and plants profit from its regenerating value. Grander water in our pool
: the water feels delicate and velvety, the muscles will relax
, there is no burning in the eyes because there is less chlorine
 in the water, the skin doesn't dry out easily
. Enjoy the fresh and relaxing feeling after a swim.

For the water lovers

Pleasure in the 4 star spa hotel

The world of water in Racines
wonderful freshness

True holiday pleasure in the South Tyrolean Alps

Wellness, spa and sauna experience

Deep spa pleasure
in the heart of the Alps
Comfortable warmth
in the sauna area
Dreamlike relaxation
in the hands of our beauty ladies