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Beauty treatments & massages

Feel the luxury of our wonderful beauty treatments

Gertraud Gruber facial treatments

True relaxation awaits you

High quality natural products with herbs, organic oils, vitamins and minerals are the basis of the Gertraud Gruber cosmetic line for more than 50 years. The comprehensive product line contains special products for every type of skin and age. The products can be combined individually and they will reach optimum results. Flee from everyday-life and experience the wonderful effect of the Gertraud Gruber treatment methods. Enjoy a harmonic and rejuvenated skin. Deep pleasure for your skin and soul. Let us spoil you with Gertraud Gruber cosmetics in South Tyrol!

Small facial, neck and décolleté treatment

Cleansing - peeling - deep cleansing - shaping of eye brows - wrap according to skin type or massage - final cleansing

55 minutes
72 Euros
Maxi facial, neck and décolleté treatment

Cleansing - peeling - deep cleansing - shaping of eye brows - wrap according to skin type - massage - final cleansing

85 minutes
98 Euros
Symphony premium treatment

(40 years +) The natural cosmetic products contain wonderful active ingredients and are a highlight in beauty care. In the centre of the luxurious treatment for face, neck and décolleté is the new tension-line massage with cell stimulation Isoflavon concentrate. The push-up treatment with a completely new and regenerating mask will have a wonderful effect on your skin. The treatment smooths wrinkles and lets the skin look young and beautiful. For the intensive care of the décolleté the skin will be tightened with an Argan oil mask (the yellow gold of Morocco). The premium symphony treatment was created especially for mature and dry skin with wrinkles and sun-damages. Additionally the treatment helps against Couperose.

110 minutes
125 Euros
Men XO for the guys

Cleansing - peeling - deep cleansing - ampule - massage - wrap - final cleansing (with the fragrance Acqua di Giò).

„Everything but ordinary“- the facial treatment for the modern man

75 minutes
82 Euros

Extra treatments

Enjoy the beauty

Depilation with warm wax
  • lower leg: 28 Euro
  • whole leg: 38 Euro
  • Brazilian: 18 Euro
  • arm pits: 12 Euro
  • upper lip or chin: 10 Euro
  • back or chest: 20 Euro
Eyebrows and eyelashes
  • Dying of eye lashes: 15 Euro
  • Dying of eye brows: 10 Euro
  • Dying of eye brows and eye lashes: 20 Euro
  • Shaping of eye brows: 12 Euro
For your hands and feet
  • manicure: 35 Euro
  • manicure with nail polish: 39 Euro
  • pedicure: 38 Euro
  • pedicure with nail polish: 42 Euro
  • polish: 12 Euro
  • paraffin bath with manicure: 60 Euro

Traditional massages

Feel deep relaxation

Facial massage

This is a classic facial massage, that will do wonders for your skin.

20 minutes
39 Euros
Back massage

This highly relaxing massage for the neck and shoulder part is very recommendable for muscle tensions on the back.

20 minutes
39 Euros
Massage Mix

This massage contains a classic back massage and a feet-zones-massage.

50 minutes
74 Euros
Partial massage (legs and back)

This is a very relaxing massage that includes the back part of the legs, the back and the shoulder. It releases tensions in the muscles. At the end of the massage a refreshing skin tonic with camphor and menthol will be applied on the skin.

25 minutes
42 Euros
Full-body massage

This relaxing full body massage is done with warm almond oil. Your whole body will relax and you will feel regenerated as well.

50 minutes
68 Euros
Children massage

This is a very soft full body massage which ensures calm relaxation for our small guests.

20 minutes
35 Euros

Special massages

Are you looking for an extra moment of pleasure?

Tenne Lodges massage

This treatments begins with a hot roll, which relaxes the muscles and prepares the body for the wonderful back massage with alpine herbs. This massage releases tensions and is highly beneficial for the muscles!

25 minutes
45 Euros
Massage with aromatic oils and warm wrap

This is a relaxing massage, where aromatic oils are used. The skin will be cared for and nurtured pleasantly. Afterwards a warm wrap will be applied on the back with a very relaxing effect on the whole organism.

50 minutes
74 Euros
Full body peeling

For beautiful skin

With this soft massage (full-body) dead skin cells will be removed. Afterwards the skin will be silky, smooth and soft. The following body lotion will be absorbed more easily. We recommend: Enjoy a relaxing massage with aromatic oils, that softens the skin even more.

45 minutes
54 Euros

Our hair dresser in the house

Care and beauty combined

Wash, cut and style

for him

30 Euros
Wash and dry

for the lady

35 Euros
Wash, cut and style

for the lady

50 Euros
Wash, dry and style
45 Euros

depends on the hair length: 70 to 100 Euro